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About Dina



Blood sugar balance

Blood hormone balance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Weight loss

Food sensitivity

Improve lifestyle

My Story


Dina is full of spirit and an energetic nutritional professional, Dina owns her successful private practice in Oakville, she loves to inspire her clients in health and the holistic nutrition area, she also has an online business that informs people with many nutritional information and how they can eat healthy, stay healthy and live a healthy life, she also does an online consultation and motivation for nutritionists looking to build successful practices. Dina believes that the smile and positive energy is key to every locked door in the whole world.

Alongside, Dina’s also a nutritionist at institute of natural health technology BIE clinic with Rob Tomlinson, where she coaches clients on eating disorders and weight lose, and she has written a numerous amount of her own recipes for magazines and newsletters, Dina also brings out her positive energy and loves to educate and inspire people in nutritional area by giving many public speaking session in schools and community centers

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